I passed the private pilot written test on 1-30-02. Now, I'm preparing for the checkride...

My long cross country was done around Camp David. Since it's a restricted area, I had to stay several miles away, but I have some video footage of the area around Fredrick, MD and Hagerstown. My battery died before I got to Gettysburg, but I went back the following week and got some video of that area, too. I'll put it here when I get some time...

My first solo flight!

This is after my first cross-country. My father came along for the ride:

Lined up for landing on runway 31:

In-air pics:
Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4
Image 5
Image 6
Image 7

In-air Video:
It's not very good video because of the vibration of the engine...
30MB video of various points around Lancaster
It starts off with an exterior view of the plane I'm flying.
Next is footage of a couple of planes landing on runways 26 and 31 while I'm holding short of runway 31.
Then I'm at 3,000 feet passing over Park City, the mall in Lancaster.
After that is footage of a friend's house and video of the river, flying north towards the Conestoga bridge.

Excel Template for flight planning. Yellow areas are for user input, the rest is calculated.

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